We are an all encompassing Nerdy show! We come together weekly to discuss anything from specific games to 90s cartoons to real life issues we face. 



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We’re live every Friday night at 11:30PM Eastern with a guest every other week over at https://www.twitch.tv/justsomeguardians




Totally not the host

Not Colorado


“This podcast changed my life!”

Guy Fieri

Flavortown, USA


“I can’t recommend the Just Some Guardians Podcast enough.   Donkey sauce, google it. Or, maybe dont.”


Where do you think, Nerd?


“I’ll allow it.”

The Lazzrich

Probably in a lab


“Im still waiting for my cut of the ad revenue.”

We have an amazing community

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Do you like talking about video games, finding friends, and sharing your interests? Do you like when a podcast asks the community a question of the week? Do you want to become instantly successful in life and awesome at the same time? if you answered yes to any of these questions… WE HAVE A COMMUNITY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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We host our show in audio form on Podbean, but you can also find our show where all the other fine podcasts are downloaded.



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We stream live on twitch and we upload our video to Youtube after that.

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