A look into game Balancing

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A look into game balancing

This post is intended to take a look at and analyze certain aspects of Game balancing in multiplayer environments. This post is not intended to be condescending or disrespectful to players or make them feel patronized in the way they play a game. In my time of playing video games, I have heard and listened to a lot of players complaining about how certain aspects of video games are overpowered, broken (for good and bad), and accusations of cheating (in pretty controlled environments.)

Firstly, I like to play games to have fun. I enjoy adventures, epic experiences, and funny situations. I enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with good wholesome gaming sessions. There often can be times in gaming whether, I’m sleep deprived, ill, railing on connections to a server is just absolutely horrible and make it a horrible gaming experience. We should all take the mindset that these are games, and we play them to have fun, unwind and destress. If the game we are playing not allowing us to do those things, maybe we need to take a step back and assess what is going on in our lives because there may be something not allowing us to enjoy those experiences. But hey, I’m not here to preach. Sometimes we need to clean house to truly appreciate what we have in front of us. Getting ourselves ready and set up for success, rather than struggle through occurrences is a better tact to take, I think. With all that out of the way, let us take a look into game balancing.

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