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Mutual chaos and utter incompetency




Elmmerfudd is a father, gamer, streamer, and podcaster. He produces, broadcast, and edits the show for publication. He is married and has two children. if you have listened to any podcasts around the Destiny community, he has probably been a guest.



Russell (AKA Jackel7250) thinks and talks a lot about D&D because that is what he loves. He enjoys playing the video games, even so much he may even play them while he is recording a podcast. He is also married.

(I know, we are shocked too.) 



Gunbait is a father, gamer, streamer and podcaster. Happily married. He formerly was the host of Hoot Dawg Radio, and is still an active member of the Hoot Dawg Gaming Clan. He enjoys technology, music, and questioning the ethics of everybody in the world.