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Mutual chaos and utter incompetency


JSG began many years ago as a small idea! Shortly after the launch of Destiny 2 the idea came up to form a weekly news and thoughts podcast surrounding the game of Destiny. The podcast began streaming and recording from PS4 using headset microphones and the occasional in game sound coming through. Over time streaming, recording and equipment learning slowly improved to create a more bearable listening experience. The formula soon became a Destiny show every other week with a “nerd talk” to discuss anything else in nerdom to fill in the off weeks.  After many months the show became strictly an all encompassing nerdy show to discuss upcoming games, nostalgia, tv shows and guest interviews. A fun caveat to the podcast (mostly on the streaming side) is every 10 Episodes is a “game show” episode where we play things such as; Family Fued, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, etc…. 




Host of jsg

Elmmerfudd is a father, gamer, streamer, and podcaster. He produces, broadcast, and edits the show for publication. He is married and has two children. if you have listened to any podcasts around the Destiny community, he has probably been a guest.



Russell (AKA Jackel7250) thinks and talks a lot about D&D because that is what he loves. He enjoys playing the video games, even so much he may even play them while he is recording a podcast. He is also married.

(I know, we are shocked too.) 


Host of gaming movie review show

The ever so handsome Eviljay2789 hosts the gaming movie review show. It is exactly how it sounds :D. He takes a movie based off of a game, watches it and then reviews it as a movie and in comparison to the game it represents. Jay is 100% there for anything you need and is someone you can always count on. Married with 2 children.



Nick or Sandbagbob is very passionate about classic TV (cartoons), literature and modern news. Extremely knowledgeable on the works of J.R.R Tolkien. He’s married to a beautiful man and has a fur baby. Look out for his glorious impressions of famous actors and cartoon voices.